Optimizing connectivity in your offices across Austria

 – with well laid out IT-infrastructure and systematically structured local networks.

From the cabling to the server. Locally, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. Always with a focus on your individual business nedds.

IT-Systeme fit machen für neue Anforderungen, speziell mobiles Arbeiten oder mehr Sicherheit gehört zu unseren Kernkompetenzen.

local networks; WIFI; Consertis networks

We want your IT
to run like clockwork.

 That is why we carefully plan, install and support
exactly the right Wifi and local network solutions for your business.

A well-functioning, stable network technology means that your computers, software, printers, servers and telephones are optimally set up and communicate smoothly within your network. This way, your IT network can cost-efficiently and constantly grow with your modern demands and do their best for you.

No more need to constantly turn your local networks upside down whenever your company grows or changes. You can focus on your business and leave your IT struggles behind.

Local network; WIFI

Local networks

It all hinges on the wire: Everything regarding design, layout, installation, wiring and running of your local area

network – as the physical foundation for your business’ customized IT infrastructure.

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Perfectly connected: We deliver a precise calculation which internet line your business needs to be

perfectly connected to the world at all times. We take care of all transaction with the provider to install and configure everything on the ground. Service and support are a given.

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Business VPN

Security – in any location
VPNs – Virtual Private Network – establish a virtual, secured network connection

between your devices and business data. No matter from where you want to connect, independent, secured access is always guaranteed. Topped off with the requisite firewall matching your business requirements.

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WiFi – Networks

WiFi Networks and solution – the basic equipment in times of business mobility
Reliable WiFi has turned into a

basic need for almost all people everywhere by now. Whether it’s only for in-house use or notable customer traffic – Consertis puts together the fitting WiFi-solution for your premises. Starting with the hardware, calculating best coverage, installing access points up to upholding broadcasting and fail-safe operating.

At Consertis, we support you in
three transparent steps…

in the planning, installation and operation
of your local IT network:


Which performance requirements must your IT network meet – today and in the future?

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Planning & Layout

Based on your input, we will plan your customized IT-infrastructure


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Installation & Operation

As soon as we have settled on the best IT infrastructure, we will turn theory into practice.

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